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How to activated ?

1. Enter the key and click {Next}.
2. Click to activate
3. The error code “008” is displayed (it can be activated by phone), click close. And choose option activation by phone.
4. Select a country or region, this is optional and then click {Next}.
5. Record the installation ID (9 groups of digits) , and then click {Next}.
6. Open the web activation URL : GetCID, fill in the installation ID recorded in the previous step in the 9-digit input box, and click {Submit}. Wait for a while to display the confirmation ID.
If that doesn’t prove effective, please contact us via email at or Please include the 9-digit code you received, and we will promptly send you the confirmation ID in return.

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Contact us via email at or

Or reach us on WhatsApp at +1 (276) 258-9121 or +44 7501 354346. Please mention “kepbuy” in the first conversation.